RDIF: Sputnik V faces fierce disinformation campaign in Slovakia

Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is undergoing a fierce disinformation campaign in Slovakia, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said. On the eve of the press secretary of the Ministry of Health of the republic Zuzana Eliashova said that the Russian Federation had bought unused doses of the vaccine from Slovakia.

“Misinformation and fake news have a huge impact on the course of mass vaccination in different countries,” – explained in the foundation. RDIF said that this convincingly demonstrates the difference between the success of the Russian vaccine in Hungary, where the drug was recognized as the safest and most effective remedy among all vaccines used in the country. At the same time, in neighboring Hungary, where Sputnik V did not face similar political obstacles, one million people were vaccinated with Sputnik V, and the demand for the Russian vaccine in Hungary exceeded the volume of actual supplies to this country, the RDIF said.

The Russian Ministry of Health registered the Sputnik V vaccine in August 2020 and became the first drug for coronavirus. According to the scientific journal The Lancet, the effectiveness of the drug was 91.6%.

On March 1, Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic ordered the purchase of a batch of Sputnik V vaccine from Russia, bypassing the approval of the Slovak regulator or the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but two of the four parties in Slovakia’s ruling coalition opposed this. Both parties demanded the resignation of Mr Matovich, threatening to leave the coalition. Subsequently, Mr. Matovic resigned.

On June 7, vaccination with a Russian drug started in Slovakia, but on June 30 it was completed. About 10.5 thousand people were vaccinated, another 8.1 thousand people registered for the second vaccination.

More details about the scandal around the vaccine – in the material of “Kommersant” “Sputnik V fell on the Slovak prime minister.”

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