RBC: the authorities are discussing measures to reduce prices for aviation fuel in the Far East

At a meeting held at the Ministry of Energy, measures were discussed to reduce prices for jet fuel in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD), RBC reports, citing sources. Now the prices for aviation fuel in the Far East are 2.6 thousand rubles. higher than the average for the Russian Federation. To solve the problem, the Ministry of Energy proposes to increase fuel output in the region, and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) – in general, to increase fuel supplies to the domestic market, according to the minutes of the meeting dated June 18.

The meeting at the Ministry of Energy was devoted to providing the domestic market with aviation fuel; the meeting was chaired by Anton Rubtsov, Director of the Oil and Gas Complex of the Ministry of Energy, RBC writes. The press service of the ministry said that since June, the ministry has been holding weekly meetings on the situation on the domestic kerosene market. They are attended by representatives of the Association of Air Transport Operators (including the largest airlines of the Russian Federation), the Interstate Aviation Committee, the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Among the measures proposed by the departments:

  • increase fuel production in the Far Eastern Federal District in the “long term” (the Ministry of Energy’s idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlocalizing fuel production in the region is also supported by the Ministry of Transport);
  • in the “short term” – to improve logistics systems (optimize the number and cost of services for the delivery of fuel to the Far Eastern Federal District and reduce the number of intermediaries);
  • accelerate the adoption of the project, according to which Russian Railways will receive subsidies to compensate for lost income due to preferential tariffs for fuel supplies to the Far Eastern Federal District from other regions (now Russian Railways does not receive subsidies, transportation is carried out according to the price list);
  • increase the supply of aviation fuel to the domestic market and reduce the maximum prices during procurement procedures (the FAS recommends that airlines “more actively purchase aviation fuel at exchange auctions”, now carriers mainly buy fuel from manufacturers and intermediaries).

According to Refinitiv, since the beginning of 2021, the average price of refueling with aviation fuel at Russian airports has grown by 14.7%, and in the Far East – by 7.5%. At the same time, prices in the Far Eastern Federal District (59.4 thousand rubles per 1 ton of kerosene) are 2.6 thousand rubles. higher than the national average.

A representative of the Ministry of Transport told RBC that a reduction in prices for aviation fuel is necessary, among other things, because a single Far Eastern airline is being created in the Far Eastern Federal District on the basis of Aurora. The general director of the carrier Konstantin Sukhorebrik is convinced that in the long term, the problem can be solved only through the general development of the Far East. Russian President Vladimir Putin commissioned the creation of the Far Eastern airline. From 2021 to 2025, the carrier should receive 45 airliners into operation, and not only foreign used aircraft, but also the already operated SSJ 100. In addition to the SSJ, the stake is still placed on the Il-114-300, L-410 and the Baikal being created.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Airplanes pulled to the Far East.”

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