RAS Professor Grinberg may become a trustee of Natura Siberica

RAS professor Ruslan Grinberg told Kommersant FM that he could become the new trustee of Natura Siberica. A corporate conflict began in the company after the death of its founder Andrey Trubnikov in January 2021. His ex-wife Irina Trubnikova wanted to become a trustee of Natura Siberica, but his widow Anastasia Trubnikova opposed her appointment, and as a result, a trustee was chosen in the company from outside. Appoint Mr. Grinberg and. O. the trustee of the shares, Andrei Trubnikov, was offered by his son from his first marriage, Dmitry. The application was filed on September 23, according to the court file. The meeting is scheduled for October 1. Ruslan Grinberg told Kommersant FM that he was still considering the proposal, but, probably, would take it up. “Natura Siberica approached me. I think that in two days, probably, it will become more or less clear, then I will be able to say something more meaningful. I want to discuss this matter with someone else. In general, I will probably take it on, ”he specified. In….

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