Queues appeared at Sheremetyevo again

Queues appear at Sheremetyevo airport for the second day, RIA Novosti reports. Today, July 11, they are observed both on arrival and departure.

The agency notes that at 11:30 in Terminal D at the border control points in the arrivals area, the entire lobby was filled. At the same time, almost all the booths for visitors’ pass were working. The crowd of people arose due to the verification of documents related to COVID-19.

In addition, queues for registration were lined up in the departure hall of Terminal D. The processing time for documents during registration was increased due to the verification of certificates of PCR tests.

Yesterday, July 10, at Sheremetyevo there were long queues at the check-in counters due to document checks for COVID-19. Because of the queues, some people did not make their flights in time. To resolve the situation, additional check-in counters were allocated. Passengers departing from Sheremetyevo were advised to arrive at the airport in advance.

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