Putin reacted to the idea of ​​liquidating Rosobrnadzor

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers it more expedient to reform Rosobrnadzor than to liquidate it. The Russian leader said this on September 25 at a meeting with the leaders of the parties that passed to the State Duma.

Aleksey Nechaev, leader of the New People party, made a proposal to liquidate the department, suggesting that such changes would relieve teachers of the bureaucratic burden.

“You can liquidate everything. Here you need to take a closer look. Perhaps, realizing that someone should monitor the quality of education and ensure that it is available … throughout the country, perhaps, make some changes to the activities of Rosobrnadzor, see how it can be reformed. Let’s think about this together, ”the head of state appreciated the initiative.

He also pointed to the experience of other countries in liquidating institutions.

“Traffic police have been liquidated in one of the neighboring countries, and what’s the use? It was not the traffic cops who began to take bribes, but those to whom these functions were transferred, ”Putin gave an example.

In addition, during the meeting, the President said that the issue of the level of teachers’ income should be addressed systematically, and not by separate payments. He named teachers’ income as one of the priorities of social policy.

Earlier, on August 25, at a meeting with representatives of the public, Putin said that the system of remuneration of teachers in the country needs to be improved and the authorities intend to do this taking into account budgetary possibilities. Also at the meeting, Putin proposed to declare 2023 the Year of the Teacher in Russia.

He also noted that the education system needs to be modernized. According to him, it is necessary to take into account the new increased requirements for the profession, teacher qualifications, and therefore, work to increase the prestige of the teacher in society.

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