Putin on a progressive tax scale: it should not lead to Soviet egalitarianism

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the big difference in incomes between rich and poor citizens of Russia a problem. He believes that it can be solved in different ways. However, when deciding on a progressive tax scale, one must act carefully so as “not to demotivate those people who receive more than everyone else.” Since 2021, a progressive income taxation scale has appeared in Russia. With an increase in income, the personal income tax rate increases. With revenues of more than 5 million rubles. per year it will be 15% of the excess amount. “So that this (progressive taxation -” Kommersant “) does not lead to the Soviet leveling, from which, as you know, nothing good came of,” – said Mr Putin at a meeting with the leadership of the parties, passed to the State Duma. According to the official data of the CEC, “United Russia” received 324 mandates in the State Duma of the eighth convocation (19 less than after the 2016 elections), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – 57 (plus 15 seats) “Fair Russia – For Truth” – 27 ( plus 4 mandates), the Liberal Democratic Party – 21 (minus 18 seats) and for the first time passed to the Duma….

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