Putin linked inflated prices for domestic tourism with border closures

President Vladimir Putin said in a direct line that the prices for domestic tourism are overstated due to closed borders.

“As for the fact that prices are too high – yes, this, apparently, is also happening. What is the reason for this today? Many countries, despite the fact that someone is opening, are nevertheless closed, ”said Mr Putin.

According to him, this leads to an overload of the Russian tourist infrastructure, primarily in the south of the country – in the Krasnodar Territory, in the Crimea. “As soon as offers do not cope with demand, prices immediately follow – this happens in the entire market economy,” the president said.

Direct line with Vladimir Putin. the main thing

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Earlier, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia analyzed the cost of recreation at Russian and foreign resorts and found out that for the dates of flights on July 1-6, the lowest prices are in Sochi. Here, a beach tour for ten nights with an air flight and three meals a day costs from 32.2 thousand rubles. for two. At the end of June, one could find tours to Sochi for 30.4 thousand rubles. for two, according to Kommersant-Kuban.

In Russia, the most expensive beach holiday is in Kaliningrad, on the Baltic coast. Here the price of a tour for ten nights with a departure on July 1-6 starts from 47 thousand rubles. for two. In Turkey it will cost at least 62.3 thousand rubles, in Cyprus – 79.7 thousand rubles, in the UAE – 82.3 thousand rubles.

The Association notes that prices for holidays in the Krasnodar Territory in early July could have grown significantly. The rise in price has slowed down due to the introduction of compulsory covid vaccination for vacationers.

Read about the new measures in the Krasnodar Territory in the article “The resorts will require a certificate.”

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