Putin appreciated the idea of ​​introducing a progressive tax scale in Russia

Discussion of the introduction of a progressive tax scale for Russians should not lead to Soviet “leveling” and demotivate those who earn more than others. This was announced on September 25 by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leaders of the parties that entered the State Duma following the elections.

“Regarding the progressive scale: you rightly said – here you need to act very carefully so as not to demotivate people who receive more than everyone else. This is the first thing. And the second – so that it does not lead to the Soviet leveling, from which, as we know, nothing good, unfortunately, came of, “Putin said.

Putin noted that the income gap between the copper and the rich is a problem in Russia, which is being addressed in different ways.

Earlier on Saturday, Putin said at a meeting with leaders of political parties that the level of poverty in Russia must be minimized. He noted the need to improve living conditions in families with children, as well as to increase the availability of high-quality modern education and healthcare.

Earlier, on August 10, the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), Daniil Egorov, at a meeting with Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, said that the proceeds from the increased personal income tax (PIT) for the rich for six months amounted to 29 billion rubles, and for the whole of 2021 the year is expected at the level of 70 billion rubles.

In addition, he added that the Federal Tax Service expects to end the year with the receipt of 25.5 trillion rubles, which is 4.5 trillion rubles more than last year.

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