Ozon Express launched its own brand

Ozon Express, a fast delivery service from darkstores, has launched the sale of products under its own trademark (Private Label). With this, the company expects to increase loyalty to the Ozon Express service and attract new users.

“The fast delivery service Ozon Express has started selling products under its own brand. Several varieties of coffee will be the first to appear on the service window, and by the end of summer the private label assortment will expand with new categories: these will be dairy products, water, snacks, lemonades and more, ”the company said (quoted by Prime).

Later, groceries, products for a healthy lifestyle, household chemicals, hygiene and home products will appear under the Ozon Express brand. The company notes that the range will include both products from the daily grocery basket and “exclusive gourmet products.” During the summer, Ozon Express will present about 40 assortment items.

Ozon Express operates in Moscow and the Moscow region, where there are eight darkstores. The assortment includes about 20 thousand items, mainly food and consumer goods. The stated delivery time is from one to four hours. Earlier, a Kommersant source said that Ozon Express plans to develop franchised darkstores as a separate area.

For more information about a possible launch of a franchise, see the article “Kommersant” “Products will be delivered by partners”.

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