On the eve of the elections, German millionaires accelerated the transfer of assets to Switzerland

According to Reuters, citing unnamed bankers and lawyers, German millionaires have begun to actively transfer their assets to Switzerland ahead of the parliamentary elections in Germany, which will be held this Sunday. Wealthy Germans fear that if the socialists, whose ratings are now high, win the elections, the country could raise taxes on the income and assets of the rich and super-rich.

According to the Bank for International Settlements, in the first quarter only bank deposits of German individuals and legal entities in Switzerland grew by $ 5 billion – to $ 37.5 billion. In recent months, this process has accelerated. “Only in the last three months, the amount of funds that have been processed for placement (in Switzerland.— “B”), turned out to be noticeably higher than average, ”the agency quotes a consultant who wished to remain anonymous in one of the Swiss banks, which works mainly with clients from Germany. Another Swiss banker said: “I know that a certain number of German entrepreneurs are determined to have some kind of foothold outside Germany, if (political – “B”) the situation will swing sharply to the left. “

Evgeny Khvostik

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