Nutritionist named immune-boosting foods

The inclusion of honey in the diet will help strengthen the immune system in the fall. Nutritionist Anna Belousova told about this on Friday, September 24.

As the specialist explained, in addition to its taste, honey contains a large amount of useful substances.

“We need to stock up on honey. Moreover, it is desirable that the honey be different – buckwheat, linden, flower, mountain, different. It will be not only tasty, but also healthy. This will help us to restore ourselves. Honey is stored perfectly calmly. Almost everyone can use a quarter teaspoon of honey, ”said the nutritionist in an interview with Zvezda.

Also, those wishing to strengthen the immune system are advised to enrich the diet with berries such as sea buckthorn, cranberries and lingonberries. From such healthy products, you can make teas, fruit drinks or smoothies.

Earlier, on September 21, Timur Asanov, a physician at the Russian Clinical Hospital in the city of Vidnoe, gave recommendations on how to eat right in the fall, advising to include seasonal vegetables, cereals, and dairy products in the diet.

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