Nutritionist has listed foods that reduce life expectancy

Some foods that are included in the diet of many people are harmful to the body – they can reduce a person’s life expectancy. Mayo Clinic nutritionist Catherine Zeratsky spoke about this.

The expert noted that red meat, fried food, sugar, semi-finished products can affect life expectancy. Excessive alcohol consumption also has an impact. All of the above Zeratsky recommended to remove from the diet in order to improve the quality of life and its duration.

So, a nutritionist pointed out that red meat can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular and oncological diseases. The danger is represented by sausages, bacon, canned food.

In addition, convenience foods, store breads are high in sugar and saturated fat. These dishes are high in calories, although they contain few nutrients, according to a nutritionist, the site Eat This, Not That adds.

Zeracki recommended eating foods that have undergone minimal heat treatment, since they contain a maximum of useful substances.

A day earlier, the chief physician of the Ministry of Health of Russia, head of the National Medical Research Center of Therapy and Preventive Medicine, Professor Oksana Drapkina spoke about the rules of nutrition for people over 50 years old.

The specialist does not recommend adhering to strict diets, however, he advises to reconsider the diet. So, after 50 years it is worth eating less sausages, chips, sauces, smoked fish. It is also worth reducing the consumption of sugar and saturated fats, which are found in fatty meats, ready-made meals, margarine, and confectionery. Drapkina recommends reducing alcohol and coffee consumption.

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