Novak proposed to allocate more funds to the poor for gasification work at the site

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggested that the regions allocate more funds to low-income citizens for gasification work inside the house.

Often, low-income citizens do not have the financial ability to equip their land and purchase gas-using equipment at the same time as the construction of gas infrastructure for gasification is carried out, the Deputy Prime Minister outlined the problem. According to Novak, 73 regions provide subsidies for such support for certain categories of citizens.

“I would like to propose, if you support, to return to this issue once again, and the leaders of the regions to consider the possibility of providing citizens with low incomes with even more funds for issues related to secondary gasification in terms of the execution of those works that need to be implemented directly by the owner of the house,” – Novak turned to the president.

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