Nord Stream 2 is planned to be completed in August

The operator of Nord Stream 2, Nord Stream 2 AG, intends to complete the construction of the gas pipeline in August, said the company’s executive director Matthias Warnig. According to him, now the project is 98% ready. It will take three months for tests and obtaining certificates.

“Currently, the work is 98% completed. We proceed from the assumption that the laying work will be completed at the end of August, ”said Mr. Warnig in an interview with Handelsblatt (quoted by RIA Novosti). According to him, the US sanctions led to a delay in construction by 1.5 years and to “a rise in prices in the three-digit million order.” He noted that he expects that gas transit through Ukraine will continue after 2024.

Matthias Warnig said that the operator aims to make Nord Stream 2 suitable for transporting hydrogen in 10 years. According to him, there are already “promising preliminary studies” (quoted by TASS). He considers the prospect of hydrogen supply to be “very realistic”.

The construction of the first string of Nord Stream 2 was technically completed on 10 June. The sections laid from the side of Russia and Germany were interconnected.

On record gas deliveries to Europe – in the material of Kommersant, “Gazprom is going to a new export record.”

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