National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers expects price reductions for carrots

The price of carrots will become lower every week, says Mikhail Glushkov, director of the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers. According to him, this is due to the supply of products from the Krasnodar Territory. In June, according to Rosstat, prices for carrots rose by 37%.

“The supply of Krasnodar carrots has begun, which cost an average of 10 rubles. cheaper than imported. In statistics, a sharp drop in prices will not immediately be reflected, but as imports are replaced, the cost of carrots will become lower every week, “Mr. Glushkov told reporters (quoted by TASS). According to him, vegetables of the borsch set are already falling in price due to the arrival of Russian products.

The head of the union believes that the fruit harvest is delayed by 1-2 weeks due to late spring. This affects prices. According to Mr. Glushkov, domestic apples will hit the shelves in the next 2-3 weeks, “after which the price will decrease.”

In June, the annual growth in consumer prices accelerated to 6.6% – this is the maximum since August 2016, the monthly inflation was 0.69%. Of the products, the biggest increase in prices was for beets (+ 58.4%) and carrots (+ 37%). Cucumbers fell in price by 21.8%, tomatoes – by 16.2%, bananas – by 4.5%.

About the dynamics of food prices – in the article “Kommersant” “Food is more expensive.”

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