Muscovites will be enrolled in the section // The City Hall is preparing the city system for enrollment in sports activities

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of Moscow will spend 538 million rubles. until 2023 for the completion and launch of the information and analytical system of the city’s sports industry. With its help, citizens will be able to find up-to-date information about sports events and sections, as well as sign up and go to them using QR codes. Organizations of Moskomsport will initially be connected to the system. The system has been developed since 2012, but is still inaccessible to external users, despite the investment of more than 300 million rubles.

Kommersant discovered on the public procurement portal that the DIT of Moscow on July 8 published a tender for the development of the information and analytical system of the Moscow sports industry – IAS Sport – and maintaining its performance in 2021–2023. For these purposes, the mayor’s office plans to spend 538 million rubles. from the budget until 2023, of which 237 million rubles – in 2021. The collection of applications will last until July 30.

IAS “Sport” has been developed by the mayor’s office since 2012, it follows from the tender documentation. In DIT “Kommersant” explained that the system is designed to automate the activities of the Moscow Sports Committee and its subordinate institutions and is also needed to “inform the townspeople about the opportunities available to them in this area.”

Thanks to IAS “Sport”, residents can receive electronic city services and services related to sports and physical education, added the department.

They refused to disclose the audience of the portal in recent years, but clarified that the new tender included work on the operation of the system. Now the entrance to the system located at is inaccessible to external users, “Kommersant” was convinced.

Earlier, the mayor’s office has already invested 34 million rubles in IAS “Sport”. in 2018, 177 million rubles. in 2019 and 92 million rubles. in 2020, “Kommersant” found on the public procurement portal. In the period from 2018 to 2020, work was carried out on the subsystems “Sports”, “Sports organizations”, “Sportsmen”, “Coaches”, “Sports facilities”, “Sports events”, “Services” and “Interaction with external information systems” , follows from the tender documents.

As part of the new procurement, the contractor of the mayor’s office must organize a search for information on sports in the capital, organizations, athletes, coaches, teams, medical personnel, events and other parameters.

Users will be able to sign up for classes and take them using a QR code. First of all, Moskomsport organizations will be connected to the system. In addition, a service for booking and paying for sports zones will be developed, which can be used by both legal entities and individuals.

Already, there are services and sites on which you can find information about practicing various sports, including for adults, says Maxim Ozerov, director of projects for analytics at Navicon. Among them, for example, FindSport, DoskaSporta and others. If such a system appears on the basis of the city hall’s portal, it will become a useful addition, the expert said.

Uberization of sports training and everything connected with it is a new trend promoted by both individual developers and ecosystems, says Konstantin Renzyaev, general director of CorpSoft24.

For example, at the end of June, MTS announced the sale of fitness club services at retail through the GoGym application, there is a similar application TheZ.AL In his opinion, the demand for the new system may be high. The portal will be especially appreciated by adults, “children usually have classes on the basis of schools, there are special children’s and youth sports schools,” believes Konstantin Renzyaev.

According to experts, the difficulties in the development of IAS may be similar to those that arise in the development of market services and aggregators. “This is primarily the connection of institutions and integration with their information systems. It is important that the IAS does not have conflicts with the IP installed in sports schools when booking a specific time, especially if private institutions will be connected in the future, ”says Maxim Ozerov. The main thing to be worked on, in his opinion, is the quality of service, first of all, the relevance of information.

Julia Stepanova, Arina Barabanova

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