Moscow authorities started issuing QR codes for visiting cafes and events

The portal has started issuing QR codes for vaccinated people who have recovered from coronavirus and who have been tested. From June 28, without them, it will be impossible to visit catering establishments and public events.

QR codes received on public services will also be valid. While on the portal it is possible to receive codes only for the vaccinated. It is expected that those who have recovered will be able to receive them in the near future.

Muscovites who have been ill cannot receive a code if they have not consulted a doctor and the fact of illness has not been confirmed. A certificate for the presence of antibodies is not a basis for access to cafes, restaurants and public events. Muscovites with contraindications to vaccination need to do a PCR test to receive the code.

New restrictions in Moscow were introduced due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. No more than 500 spectators should gather in theaters, cinemas, concerts and stadiums, and from June 28, only owners of QR codes will be able to enter catering establishments. Guests, employees and students are allowed to enter hotel restaurants, as well as office buffets and student canteens without QR codes. Minors are also allowed to enter restaurants without barcodes, but only when accompanied by adults with such a code.

About the rules – in the material of “Kommersant” “Summer cafes and office canteens were allowed to live without QR codes.”

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