More than 200 new transport stops will be installed in Omsk this year

By the end of the year, 236 new public transport stops are to appear in Omsk. The renovation of the bus stop pavilions was discussed at a meeting of the City Council Committee on Housing and Public Utilities and Transport on September 22.

According to the city authorities, 101 pavilions will be installed within the framework of the municipal project of the management of road facilities and improvement, the national project “Safe and high-quality highways” and the regional program “Accessible Environment”. Another 135 stops will be equipped with funds from the city and regional budgets, writes IA “OMSKREGION”.

Also, the deputies discussed the issue of installing warm pavilions at the pre-final stops. “We have formed a commission, which is now, among other things, going to the place, studying passenger traffic. It happens that there is a need to put even more than one pavilion. Let’s take a closer look at the addresses, ”said Mikhail Gorchakov, First Deputy Director of the Department of Municipal Economy.

It is noted that warm stops in Omsk are established at the expense of entrepreneurs. In the transport map, the city authorities have designated about 170 potential locations for the placement of such facilities.

In total, there are 1444 public transport stops in the city. Of these, 1150 are registered for the maintenance of the road management department. Two hundred stops require a comprehensive arrangement, another 300 pavilions must be replaced.

On average, the arrangement of one stopping point costs 300 thousand rubles.

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