Minsk announced about attempts by Poland and Lithuania to expel migrants to Belarus

For two months Poland and Lithuania made attempts to force over 8.5 thousand refugees into the territory of Belarus. This was announced on Sunday, September 26, by the State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic, Alexander Volfovich.

“In August-September alone, more than 700 attempts to expel from the territory of Poland and Lithuania to the territory of Belarus were suppressed. More than 8.5 thousand refugees tried to push out the Poles and Lithuanians on the territory of Belarus. And before they are sent here, people are beaten, beaten with an electric shock, and such cases occur every day, ”he said in an interview with ONT TV channel.

Volfovich pointed out that such an approach is not a solution to the problem of migration and called on his Western colleagues for dialogue.

“We need to sit down at the negotiating table and find a consensus, decide. The move, first of all, is for Western partners, and not for the Belarusian side, ”he stressed.

On September 3, the deputy chairman of the state border committee of Belarus, Roman Podlinev, said that Minsk had involved armed forces and internal troops in protecting the border with the EU in order to prevent weapons, drugs and radicals from entering the country.

Strengthening border control is required to combat such threats as the penetration of radical groups into Belarus, the movement of means of destructive activity, the illegal circulation of weapons, drugs, “and, in general, all border violators trying to illegally enter the territory of the republic.” Each of these violators “can potentially commit crimes in the country, actions destabilizing the situation,” Podlinev emphasized.

The State Border Committee (GBC) of Belarus reported on September 1 that the Latvian border guards had made the ninth attempt to forcibly expel a group of Afghan refugees in the amount of 14 people to Belarus. According to the CCP, in the evening of August 30, 14 citizens of Afghanistan, including 10 children, arrived at the Latvian checkpoint Paternieki. The committee clarified that all the refugees were exhausted and needed medical assistance, as well as warm clothes and food.

On August 5, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed the security forces to strengthen the protection of the state border of the country, urging to close “every meter of it.” The head of state stressed that “not a single foot on the territory of Belarus from the adjacent side, be it from the south or from the west, should not step.”

Latvia, Lithuania and Poland previously stated that they faced illegal migration from the territory of Belarus. Thus, on August 28, Polish soldiers set up barbed wire at the border to fight illegal migrants.

In addition, ties with this problem in Lithuania declared an extreme situation at the state level in early July, and also began to erect the wall. The Latvian authorities introduced an emergency situation (ES) before November 10 due to the influx of illegal migrants.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated that the accusations of Belarus by Lithuania and the European Union for allegedly facilitating the flow of illegal immigrants are absurd. In turn, the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko instructed the security forces to strengthen the protection of the state border of the country, urging to close “every meter of it”.

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