Ministry of Agriculture: there will be no shortage of buckwheat

The stocks of buckwheat in Russia are sufficient, the deficit of this product in the country is not expected, the Ministry of Agriculture says. Earlier, RBC reported that in August prices for buckwheat in stores rose to a record level over the past ten years, exceeding 100 rubles. per 1 kg. “The Ministry of Agriculture estimates buckwheat stocks as sufficient, the possibility of a deficit is excluded. This year, the cultivated area under buckwheat was increased by 12.1%, to 975.9 thousand hectares, “the ministry said in a statement (quoted by TASS). In the spring, in order to ensure food security, the Russian government introduced a temporary ban on the export of buckwheat. coarse buckwheat and husked buckwheat. The measure was viewed as a reaction to the rise in prices for this cereal. The ban was in effect from June 5 to August 31. More details about the ban on the export of buckwheat – in the material “Kommersant” “Buckwheat is set boundaries.” …

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