Microsoft raises the prices of software and cloud services by 15% in Russia

Microsoft from October 1 will increase prices for commercial software (software) and cloud services in Russia by 15%. The change should bring Russian prices in line with dollar-denominated product prices in Central and Eastern Europe, the company said.

“From October 1, 2021, prices in Russian rubles for all segments of commercial software and cloud services will approach the prices in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, where they are fixed in US dollars. Thus, they will grow by about 15.2% and will correspond to the level of prices in US dollars, ”- says the Microsoft website.

“The changes will not affect orders placed under existing agreements for volume licensing programs that are subject to price protection,” they added in the message. “At the same time, prices for the purchase of new products under such agreements and prices under new agreements will be set in accordance with the price list. sheet valid at the time of ordering “.

Prices for commercial Microsoft products since 2011 are set in rubles. Russia is one of the few countries where the company has switched to setting prices and settlements in local currency.

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