Matvienko: prices in Altai should not be like in Switzerland

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, addressing the head of the Altai Republic, Oleg Horokhordin, asked to pay attention to the prices in hotels and other tourist services in the region.

Altai is sometimes called Russian Switzerland, but this does not mean that prices there should be Swiss. Otherwise, even with a tourist cashback, domestic tourism will be inaccessible to most citizens, ”she said at a meeting of the Federation Council.

Ms. Matvienko said that during the past restrictions, domestic tourism has grown in the country. Including the influx of tourists has significantly increased in Altai, but, according to her, prices have also increased.

The speaker also noted that ecotourism is one of Altai’s specialties. “For the sake of your picturesque mountain landscapes, untouched forests, healthy air, people are ready to fly to you not only from all over Russia, but also from abroad,” she said, adding that image is important for the development of tourism. She suggested increasing the level of service in the region, developing ethno-tourism, agritourism, “going beyond the usual formats.”

Ekaterina Lukashevich, Novosibirsk

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