Machine tools are not afraid of money // The authorities have reduced the list of equipment imported without VAT

Since July 2, the government has sharply reduced the list of equipment imported into the Russian Federation without VAT due to the lack of analogues: the list is narrowed three times, to 79 commodity codes. This includes a large number of items for food, tobacco, brewing, textile and metallurgy industries. Although the consequences for most industries are insignificant, for the textile industry and tobacco production, such equipment has been actively imported until recently. At the same time, some players argue that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to replenish the list in accordance with the needs of specific industries.

Amendments to the government decree defining the list of equipment, which are not produced in the Russian Federation, come into force on July 2. Such equipment is imported with a zero VAT rate. As a result of the revision, the list is narrowed from 249 to 79 HS codes.

79 product codes

remained in the list of equipment that is allowed to be imported into the Russian Federation with zero VAT

The list excludes a wide range of equipment for the tobacco, pasta, sugar, brewing, textile, medical, woodworking and pulp and paper industries, several types of loaders and cranes, packaging, packaging and bottling equipment, metallurgical equipment, vacuum pumps, steam boilers for ships , wind power generators, Haval car manufacturing equipment and more.

Equipment for technological lines for the production of benzene, ethylene, propylene and methanol, equipment for the transfer of salt (according to the statement of “Russoli”) and several other types of equipment appear in it.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade explained to Kommersant that the list was updated in pursuance of the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, “and also in connection with the Ministry of Industry and Trade having information on the production of equipment similar to the equipment excluded from the list in the territory of the Russian Federation.”

“We often receive requests to deliver entire lines for the production of tobacco products, that is, the very equipment that was not left in the new version of the resolution,” says Yulia Shlenskaya, president of the customs broker KBT. was also removed from the ruling. We can say that the import of machines for printing on fabric is a regular history. ” If you turn to the statistics of the FCS, she says, you can see that machines for the production of tulle and lace from China are also actively imported (about 90 declarations with goods with such a code out of 160 are deliveries from China). The interlocutor of Kommersant in the textile industry notes that equipment for enterprises, with the exception of components, is not produced in Russia. At the same time, the question of re-equipment and retrofitting of machine tools is constantly being continued by the interlocutor of Kommersant. Against the background of the rise in the cost of international logistics, the localization of production in the Russian Federation is more and more urgent, he notes.

Why has it become very difficult to purchase foreign goods with budget money?

But not all sectors will feel the rise in import prices equally sharply. According to Kommersant’s source in the tobacco industry, this is unlikely to be a problem for the transnational companies dominating the Russian market; perhaps small factories will feel the negative effect. The Baltika Brewing Company said that they are not importing equipment now, and the share of the equipment imported earlier and used now exceeds 50%. Haval did not respond to Kommersant’s request. A Kommersant source in the metallurgical industry says that at the time of discussion of the list, no problems were found. An interlocutor of Kommersant in a large food manufacturer says that the effect for the industry is insignificant.

Among the excluded goods, there are many that are little or not imported at all, Yulia Shlenskaya notes – for example, in 2020-2021, only three canvas-forming machines for the preparation of textile fibers were imported to Russia, and steam boilers and compressors intended for refrigeration equipment of civilian ships were not imported at all.

If at the same time domestic producers of excluded goods appeared, then the refusal of the privilege for foreign products would look at least logical, – says Yulia Shlenskaya. still seems possible. “

Maksim Novikov, president of Soyuznapitkov, says that the list in the decree may still be changed to meet the specific needs of industries. So, according to him, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has promised that the list will include equipment for marking water.

Natalia Skorlygina, Anatoly Kostyrev, Olga Nikitina, Evgeny Zainullin

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