Liquefy the Fatherland // The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to allocate 127 billion rubles. for the localization of equipment for LNG

As Kommersant found out, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a plan for the localization of equipment for LNG projects in Russia until 2030 worth 127 billion rubles. Of these, about 37 billion rubles. proposed to be obtained from the budget. The ministry hopes that the program will increase the share of Russian equipment in LNG projects to at least 40% by 2024, and then increase the figure to 80% by 2030. Analysts consider the goals too ambitious.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a plan to support Russian manufacturers of LNG equipment, which should be included in the new strategy for the social and economic development of the Russian Federation until 2030. The expected result is an increase in the share of domestic equipment in LNG projects on the territory of the Russian Federation to 40% by 2024, and by 2030 – up to 80%, follows from the passport of the Breakthrough in the LNG market project (a document dated June 4 is available from Kommersant ”).

The total cost of the plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is estimated at 127.37 billion rubles. for 2021–2030. It is proposed to allocate a total of RUB 37.58 billion from the federal budget. Moreover, for the period 2021-2024, the budget has already provided 6.37 billion rubles, but the Ministry of Industry and Trade lacks another 12.2 billion rubles. The funds will be directed to R&D and production of pilot batches.

Most of the investments – 89.79 billion rubles – will be covered from unnamed extra-budgetary sources. Probably, we are talking about investments of the enterprises themselves. Now the competence for the production of LNG equipment is concentrated, in particular, at the enterprises of Rosatom, Roskosmos, the HMS group, and the OMZ group.

According to the plan of the ministry, by 2024 the enterprises of the Russian Federation should launch mass production of ten types of equipment for medium and large-scale production. The goal for 2030 is “batch production in 18 directions”. Among these items are compressors, expanders, cryogenic centrifugal pumps, gas turbine heat exchangers and spiral heat exchangers.

The second part of the project is dedicated to the launch of test benches. A test bench for testing equipment for medium and large-scale LNG production at the Rosatom site will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The document discloses the tariffs for testing at this stand. The shipping pump test will cost no more than RUB 3.2 million. per unit of equipment, test of a boil-off gas compressor – not more than 4.1 million rubles, a liquid expander – not more than 10.3 million rubles.

Tariffs look quite adequate in relation to the cost of finished equipment, says the source of Kommersant in the industry.

“The price of tests primarily depends on the number of tests. It was formed based on an estimate of the number of equipment tests for Russian LNG projects until 2035, which amounted to 181 items. But if the number of tests changes, the price may be adjusted, ”Atomenergomash (AEM, part of Rosatom) told Kommersant.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also expects to launch a stand for testing high-power compressor equipment (over 50 MW) by the end of 2026. But so far, the budget does not provide for subsidies for new test complexes. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to allocate 5.5 billion rubles for these purposes. for 2025–2030. AEM told Kommersant that the task of building a stand has not yet been discussed with them.

Currently, two large-tonnage LNG plants are being built in Russia – NOVATEK’s Arctic LNG-2 with a capacity of 20 million tons per year with the commissioning of the first line in 2023 and Gazprom’s Baltic Plant with a capacity of 13 million tons per year with the commissioning of the first line in 2024. The government in the state program for the development of LNG production estimated the maximum capacity of probable, possible and potential projects in Russia at 235.5 million tons per year.

NOVATEK told Kommersant that “they are working on a systematic basis with domestic enterprises” to establish equipment production in Russia, and “significantly increase the volume of orders” from Russian enterprises for the Arctic LNG-2 project. Creation of a cryogenic stand in Russia will ensure the production and testing of equipment for LNG plants. “It is hoped that this will make it possible to produce in Russia the amount of equipment provided for by this federal project,” the company said. Gazprom did not comment.

When setting goals for the localization of equipment, it is necessary to focus on the projects already announced, says Sergey Kapitonov, gas analyst at the Skolkovo Energy Center of the Moscow School of Management. “According to NOVATEK, the level of localization of equipment in the Arctic LNG-2 project will be about 50%. Considering that this is the most advanced LNG project in the field of using Russian equipment, it will be a stretch to bring the share of Russian equipment to 40% on average at all Russian plants by 2024. This criterion will most likely meet the lines of Arctic LNG-2, which will be commissioned after 2024, ”he said.

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