Kudrin: proposals for the indexation of excise taxes will not give the desired effect

The head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, Alexei Kudrin, said that the proposals of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on the indexation of excise taxes will not give the expected effect due to the “high exhaustion” of these measures. He urged to be careful about such changes and recalled that in 2018 the government promised not to change taxes for six years. A change in the system of paying excise taxes was previously proposed as one of the measures to tune the tax system.

“When considering the budget forecast for three years at the budget commission, the Ministry of Finance presented an assessment of the need to increase taxes and their collection by about 400 billion rubles, and the Accounts Chamber will assess these proposals. But a number of proposals related to the indexation of excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol, sugar-containing products, in my opinion, will not give the effect that the Ministry of Finance expects, due to the high exhaustion of these measures to increase taxes, “Alexei Kudrin told reporters (quote from” Prime “).

According to him, the collection rate for excise taxes on tobacco is very high, for excise taxes on alcohol, an additional increase will be associated with an increase in imports from neighboring EAEU countries, and there are no such high excise taxes there. Therefore, in the end, the projected income is unlikely to be obtained. Mr. Kudrin noted that one should “be very careful about such changes” and remember that the government three years ago promised not to change taxes for six years, but “to live according to the prevailing rules.”

On July 1, at a meeting of the government budget commission, the concept of adjusting the tax system was discussed. The retrofitting provides for an increase in budget allocations by 400 billion rubles. annually in 2022–2024. The idea is being discussed in connection with the search for funds that could finance “strategic government initiatives.”

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