Izvestia: at MAKS-2021 they will sign a contract for 14 Il-114-300 for the Far Eastern carrier

The united Far Eastern airline, which is being created on the basis of Aurora, will sign an agreement on the supply of 19 Il-114-300 aircraft within the framework of the MAKS-2021 international air show, Izvestia newspaper reports, citing sources. The head of the State Transport Leasing Company Yevgeny Ditrikh spoke about the same number of Il-114-300, which is planned to be included in the airline’s fleet.

Izvestia’s sources do not name the amount of the contract. The newspaper estimates that the price of all Il-114-300, for which Aurora will sign a contract at the air show, may be 27.4 billion rubles. The assessment was made on the basis of data from state purchases of STLC: at the end of 2020, the leasing company ordered three aircraft for 1.44 billion rubles.

The MAKS-2021 air show will take place from 20 to 25 July in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. As part of the first day, Rostec will present a new Sukhoi fighter.

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