It became known about exceeding the limits on infrastructure loans

A number of regions have expressed dissatisfaction with the limits on infrastructure loans allocated by the government and are planning to send additional applications for financing their projects. This was announced to Izvestia in the press services of the governments of the subjects.

So, in the administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory they said that in the summer they sent to the Ministry of Construction a preliminary list of projects suitable for infrastructure loans for 100 billion rubles. However, the limit allotted to the region was only 10.1 billion. It is planned to spend it on projects for the development of engineering and road infrastructure.

“The region intends to apply for amounts in excess of the designated limit. Indeed, according to the rules for the provision of infrastructure loans, a second, competitive stage of distribution of funds not selected by the regions following the results of the first, application stage, is envisaged, ”the press service of the administration of the subject said.

The Oryol region is also planning to challenge the allotted money.

“The region has an infrastructure loan limit of 1.03 billion rubles, but it is planned to send an application to the Ministry of Construction for a loan in an amount exceeding it,” the subject told Izvestia.

Dissatisfaction with the limit was also expressed in the Magadan region: the region was allowed to take out only 622 million rubles of a loan with a declared need of 30 billion, Izvestia was told there. As a result, taking into account the possible competitive selection from the region, three applications were submitted for three objects: the construction of a maternity hospital, a children’s joint polyclinic and a regional joint polyclinic in Magadan.

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