Invesco: two-thirds of central banks place climate issues in their area of ​​responsibility

63% of central banks believe climate change is within their purview, Invesco said following a question from 141 heads of central banks and sovereign wealth funds. According to the survey, 45% of central banks’ executives believe that coping with the effects of climate change should be the goal of monetary policy. 24% of respondents disagreed with this statement, 31% refrained from a categorical answer.

For sovereign wealth funds, climate risks were the third most prominent in 2020, after market and liquidity risks. Excluding COVID-19, representatives of sovereign wealth funds most often (62%) named climate change as one of the macroeconomic topics affecting investment management decisions.

Note that in June, the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Odile Renault-Basso announced its readiness to increase by the end of the year the share of investments allocated to green projects to 40%. By the end of 2022, she said, it is planned to ensure full compliance of the EBRD’s operations with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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