“Interlocutor” deleted an article about the alleged dacha of Putin at the suit of “Rosneft”

The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the Sobesednik newspaper to remove from its website the article “Putin was covered with Lunnaya Polyana” and publish a refutation, according to the Center for the Protection of Media Rights (entered by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign agents), which represented the interests of the newspaper in court. Now the article has been deleted, and in its place it is indicated that the facts described in it “have not found documentary confirmation.” The article described the Rosneft facility in Krasnaya Polyana; “Interlocutor” wrote that local residents called it the dacha of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rosneft’s claim to protect its business reputation against “Interlocutor” and journalist Oleg Roldugin became known in April. Rosneft, according to the Center for the Protection of Media Rights, demanded to remove and refute six “controversial text fragments” and pay compensation of 500 million rubles. The court did not begin to satisfy the last claim. Note that the next court session is scheduled for November 3 on Rosneft’s claim against Bloomberg. The reason for this and two more lawsuits – against “Echo of Moscow” ….

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