Instagram will launch an analogue of TikTok and allow adding music to Stories in Russia

Russian Instagram users from June 23 will be able to create and view short videos in a special Reels tab, as well as add music to Stories and Facebook profile. Instagram launched the function of adding music to Stories back in 2018, but until now it was not available in Russia. Reels Instagram launched last summer, the service is designed to compete with the Chinese network TikTok.

“Starting June 23, Russian users on Instagram and Facebook will have access to long-awaited music features – Reels and Music. Instagram and Facebook are also launching a new music sticker in Stories, ”an Instagram spokesman told reporters (quoted by TASS).

Instagram explained that Reels will allow you to create entertaining, viral videos up to 20 seconds long, including in the form of challenges and scenes. They can be published in Stories or post format. Reels will also be able to add music, including creating your own original audio. If the account is open, then other users will be able to use this sound to create their videos.

In addition, Facebook users will be able to add a track to the “Hobbies and Interests” section and pin it to the profile header so that this music plays every time someone visits the page.

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