Infrastructure outlined the rules of support // Federal funds were made dependent on private

The departments have formulated their requirements for regional projects to create infrastructure, implemented both by the forces of the subjects with the help of infrastructure loans, and by private investors investing in the creation of industrial parks. The provision of state support will depend on the volume of private investments in such projects, the amount of tax revenues from their implementation and the number of jobs created.

Among the measures proposed by the center for post-crisis support to the regions is the reduction of their debt burden in exchange for the development of infrastructure and attraction of private investment. The subjects were offered infrastructure budget loans at only 3% per annum for up to 15 years. Until 2023, within the framework of this program, it is planned to give out 500 billion rubles to the regions.

The Ministry of Construction has prepared rules for the selection of projects that can be financed from such loans. The regions will be able to spend funds on the design, construction and repair of infrastructure – transport, utilities, social or tourism. This can also be done in industrial parks, technoparks, in special economic zones and in priority development areas. The money can also be used for technological connection to networks or for investments in urban transport.

Regions must submit applications with selected projects by October 1st. Depending on whether the cost of these projects fits within the funding limits for the region, the selection of projects can be carried out in two ways: simple or competitive selection.

In the first case, only financial requirements are established for projects: attraction of private funds (not less than the amount of the loan) and forecasting the volume of receipts to the regional budget (for 15 years, they must cover the costs of repayment and servicing the loan). The competitive selection will also assess the number of jobs that will be created for each 1 million rubles. credit.

At the same time, the authorities are also stimulating private investors. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has already offered to compensate them for the costs of building and modernizing industrial infrastructure if they create industrial parks at their own expense (see Kommersant dated December 24, 2020). Now the draft rules for the provision of such subsidies have been prepared by the Ministry of Finance – park management companies will be able to apply for payments if they have not previously received budget funds and have confirmed their costs for the construction of the park’s infrastructure.

The principle of allocating budget support is similar: state funds will be provided on a competitive basis, projects should be of social importance for the regions and ensure the creation of at least 500 jobs. Budget revenues will also be taken into account – their average volume, calculated for five six months before the application for a subsidy, should be one and a half times higher than the forecasted value of subsidies for six months. Subsidies will be paid once every six months for five years, but at the request of the investor, this period can be increased if he fulfills the declared indicators up to 10 or 15 years.

Up to 70% of the cost of the park creation project will be reimbursed (but no more than 15 million rubles per 1 ha of area) and no more than 90% – in an industrial technopark (up to 60 thousand rubles per 1 sq. M of the area of ​​structures). The rest of the funds must be secured from their own investments. The total amount of reimbursement will be limited to the amount of taxes to the federal budget paid by residents during the period of the project.

Evgeniya Kryuchkova

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