In the Altai Territory reported about stopping the production of buckwheat

Altai producers of buckwheat have encountered problems with sales, some of them have suspended work, Aleksandr Bolshakov, head of the Altai Territory regional department for food, processing, pharmaceutical industries and biotechnologies, told Kommersant-Siberia.

“The tension on the buckwheat market exists today, because there is no export of buckwheat today – it is closed until August 31, and the Russian market produces exactly as much as it is consumed. Each enterprise now operates based on the availability of sales: if there is sales, it works, if not, it does not work, ”said Mr. Bolshakov. At the same time, he noted that summer for cereals and specifically Greek plants is a period of repairs, equipment renewal, cleaning and preparation for a new harvest. The suspension of work may be related to this.

According to Evgeny Pomeshchikov, commercial director of Sibiryak Production Company LLC, due to the closure of exports and problems with sales in the region, about 40% of buckwheat processing plants have stopped.

According to Altaypishcheprom, in 2020 in the Altai Territory, the buckwheat harvest amounted to 500 thousand tons, which roughly corresponds to the level of 2019. The sown area did not change significantly from year to year. In total, there are about 60 groats factories in the Altai Territory. The largest of them are: “Altai groats”, “Rosa”, Hercules “.

In May, in order to ensure food security, the Russian government introduced a temporary ban on the export of buckwheat, coarse buckwheat and buckwheat grain. The ban is valid from June 5 to August 31.

About the measures proposed by the government – in the material of “Kommersant” “Grechka set boundaries.”

Daria Reshetnikova, Novosibirsk

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