In Russia, the level of conflict in the business environment has risen to a record

The level of conflict in Russian business (A1 index) in the second quarter of 2021 rose to a record 2.21, RBC reports, citing data from the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and A1 investment company that developed the index. In the first quarter, the index reached 1.96, which was the maximum in four years. A decrease in conflicts was recorded only in four Russian regions: Kabardino-Balkaria (-79.2%, the index of conflict is 0.97), Tverskaya (-68.5% and 0.31), Murmansk (-45.5% and 0.95) and Kaluga regions (-42.3% and 0.81). Among the leaders in terms of the level of conflict are Tuva (+ 112.5%; index 4.50), Moscow (+ 12%; 4.25), Khakassia (+ 166.0%; 3.89), St. Petersburg (+ 50.2%; 3.76), Crimea (-41%; 2.86). According to experts, the growth of the index is explained by the “redistribution of spheres of influence and change of generations of players” in several market sectors. It is noted that the relative increase in the index to the first quarter amounted to 12%, which indicates a decrease in the dynamics of the growth of conflicts. The report says that in Russia‚Ķ.

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