In Italy, soccer coach punches referee in the face and resigns

In Italy, a football coach punched a referee in the face, after which he left the position of the team’s mentor, Blitz Quotidiano reported on September 27.

During the match of the seventh division between the teams “Oleggio-Castello” and “Carpignano” the referee decided to remove the coach of the second team Giovanni Alosi from the field. Instead of retiring, the coach of the football club in response jumped out onto the field and got into a fight.

As a result, Alosi punched the referee in the face, which caused a violent negative reaction from the fans. The referee suspended the match while Olejo-Castello were winning 2-0. The team was declared the winner of the match.

According to Torino Repubblica, Alosi apologized to the referee and announced his resignation. The ex-coach admitted that he “went off the rails” during the match and is very sorry about what happened.

“I am ashamed of what I did, and if it were possible, I would go back in time,” he said.

In August 2020, ex-footballer of the Russian national team Roman Shirokov beat referee Nikita Danchenkov during the game after he received a red card for swearing.

The next day, Shirokov apologized to the victim, tournament organizers, teammates and spectators, calling his act inappropriate.

In turn, Danchenkov said on Instagram that he had been in the hospital for 4-4.5 hours, he had stitches, a number of examinations were carried out, that “everything is fine with him.” Later it became known that the arbitrator had filed a complaint with the police. A criminal case was opened.

Shirokov received 100 hours of community service and paid compensation of 100 thousand rubles.

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