IHS Markit: Microchip Shortage In 2021 Will Not Produce 10.6 Million Cars

Research company IHS Markit has significantly worsened its forecast for the volume of automotive production in the world due to the continuing shortage of microchips in the market. Now, according to analysts, 75.8 million vehicles will be produced in 2021. Thus, the company lowered its own forecast immediately by 6.2% (5 million cars). According to the company, in the first quarter, the global automotive industry missed 1.44 million cars produced, in the second quarter – 2.6 million, and the current figures for the third quarter say that for these three months production losses will have already reached 3.1 million vehicles. “We estimate that the impact of the semiconductor shortage will result in the loss of 10.6 million vehicles in 2021,” said Jeremy Bouchot, director of research at IHS Markit to Les Echos. “This is more than 12% of planned production.” the near future will only get worse. The forecast for 2022 was reduced by the company immediately by 9.3%, or 8.45 million cars, to 82.6 million units. This is the most….

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