Half of London companies plan to leave “remote” for the whole week and after the pandemic

Almost half of London-based companies that have employees who can work from home plan to leave them in five days of remote work even after the pandemic ends. Such data are cited in a survey of 520 CEOs from different sectors of the economy, conducted by the London Chamber of Commerce.

As the survey showed, the preference for “remote work” is due to the concern of employers that returning to normal mode threatens employees with COVID-19 infection – not even in the office, but on the way to work, in public transport. Therefore, 46% of companies believe that employees can work from home four to five days a week, 83% of companies expect that employees will work at least one day a week remotely. Smaller companies, which employ up to ten people, are more inclined to preserve their “remote position” than medium and large ones.

While most economists expect teleworking to continue, be it a full week or a few days, they note serious consequences of this change, including lower earnings for businesses that depend on workers to come to their offices. In addition, as noted in the report of the Institute for Global Change, founded by Tony Blair, there is a risk that about 6 million jobs with the possibility of remote work will be outsourced to workers in other countries. The authors of the report warn that “mass experiments” with remote work can lead to the fact that companies decide to keep only the key employees needed to make decisions.

Alena Miklashevskaya

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