Government purchases are growing both in number and in price // Monitoring of government spending

The state significantly increased both its activity and demand amid a noticeable rise in prices in the first half of 2021. Thus, notifications of public procurement under 44-FZ were published by 18% more than in the same period of 2020 (1.88 million versus 1.59 million), the average tender amount increased by 8% over the year (3.4 million rubles. against 3.2 million), as well as the interest of suppliers to participate in trade with the state – by 8.5% (1.44 million applications against 1.33 million a year earlier). The same tendency, but more sharply, manifested itself in purchases of state-owned companies under 223-FZ: the number of tenders increased by 22% (920 thousand versus 751 thousand), the average amount – by 16% (16.8 million rubles versus 14.4 million ), according to the calculations of the service “Kontur.Zakupki” SKB “Kontur” according to the EIS and 230 electronic trading platforms.

In the state order, the “peak” of purchases continued to shift closer to the beginning of the year: their maximum occurred in February and March (see graph), the same trend was observed in 2020. The lowest indicator was traditionally in January – but the increase in the number of purchases in annual terms amounted to 42% with a high base: as already noted by Kommersant, a year earlier, in the first quarter, government purchases increased in volume by 55% at once (see Kommersant from 8 February 2021). Analyst of SKB Kontur Ekaterina Kondratyeva connects the failure of the absolute indicator in January with the amendment of the legislation: “Customers tried to provide themselves with everything necessary according to the old norms of the law in December, because at the beginning of the year there were most of the changes in the procurement legislation”.

The peak of purchases under 223-FZ in 2021 fell on March and April (177 thousand and 179 thousand – there was also the most significant increase to the indicators of 2020, when state-owned companies were purchased several times less often due to lockdowns). At the same time, since 2021, fines have been introduced for customers under 223-FZ for violating the terms of payment under contracts with SMEs: now customers are required to pay contracts with SMEs within 15 working days under the threat of fines – and this also contributed to an increase in the volume of purchases in the spring. says Mrs. Kondratyeva.

In terms of industry, construction has traditionally been in the lead in state demand: 7 trillion rubles. under 223-FZ and almost 3 trillion rubles. according to 44-FZ, also among the large expenses – transport (government purchases for 567 billion rubles) and banking services: state-owned companies have purchased them from the beginning of the year for 1.66 trillion rubles.

Oleg Sapozhkov

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