Google May Reduce Commission On Cloud Software Sales By Up To 3%

Google will reduce the share it takes from sales of programs for use on the cloud service Google Cloud Platform from 20% to 3%, CNBC reported, citing a source. A Google spokesman confirmed to the channel that the company is working on a restructuring of its revenue sharing and will provide details soon. Google’s terms, as reported by CNBC, are in line with those offered by Microsoft since July, and the company previously had a 20% commission for cloud software developers. Amazon, the largest cloud computing company, takes a commission of about 5%, according to UBS analysts estimate that large tech companies have been cutting commissions for consumer app developers this year. In July, Google lowered it from 30% to 15% for the first million dollars earned on the platform in a year. Apple did the same, but provided that the developer does not receive more than $ 1 million a year from store sales. Microsoft in August reduced the commission for game developers on Windows from 30% to 12% without additional ….

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