Google Docs Blocked Smart Voting Lists

Smart Voting lists are blocked in Google Docs. When you try to open documents, a notification appears that they violate the terms of use of the service. Alexei Navalny’s team has created copies of documents, they are not yet blocked in Google Docs.Google the day before redirected the opposition’s team a message from Roskomnadzor that links to Smart Voting files were added to the list of prohibited materials. The corporation announced that it would have to block access to the files. On September 6, Roskomnadzor blocked the Smart Voting website, as it considers it to be a continuation of the work of the Anti-Corruption Fund (the liquidated foreign agent, the organization is recognized as extremist, its activities are prohibited). By the first day of voting in Russia, Apple and Google removed the Navalny app from their stores, in which it was possible to view the Smart Voting candidates. Telegram blocked the bot of the project, explaining this by the ban on campaigning during the “days of silence”. YouTube has restricted access to videos with the recommendations of “Smart….

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