Google crashed // Users complained about the company’s services

On Tuesday morning, users in a number of countries, including Russia, complained about errors in the operation of Google services. The company itself admitted the failure, but did not report the reasons and timing of the full restoration of work. Such incidents occur quite often among global companies, experts say: they can hurt their reputation and talk about a lack of competent personnel.

A failure on June 22 occurred in the work of the Google website and when trying to enter your personal account, according to data from the Downdetector service. Among Russian users, the most complaints came from Moscow. Complaints began to arrive at 7:30 Moscow time, and the peak fell at 9:15 Moscow time. “We are aware of Google app crashes on some Android users and are working to fix these issues.” it says on the Google Russia Twitter account. The press service of the company did not provide other details.

Google crashes on a monthly basis, according to Downdetector. For example, in May there was a single case, and in March there were several. On June 9, a noticeable failure also occurred in the operation of Yandex services. Problems, according to user reviews, arose when working with the site and mail. The company itself, having reported on the elimination of the failure, clarified that the problems concerned “Yandex.Go”.

The last Google malfunction in May lasted a day, recalls the leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin.

The current situation has affected those who have activated Android auto-update on their smartphones. It turned out that it was distributed without proper verification, ”says the expert.

In his opinion, this situation may signal that Google has begun to save on development and skilled personnel, as well as rely too heavily on automated tools for finding errors and problems. “The situation severely damages the reputation of the company’s products, in particular Android,” the expert said.

Google VP Meir Brand on pandemic work

Google VP Meir Brand on pandemic work

No one is immune from falls, from time to time they relate to Facebook, Yandex and Group, says CEO of Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov. “As a rule, less often they are explained by a human factor, and more often the problem is of a hardware or software nature. For example, malfunctions in the data center, which are becoming more and more, ”he says. As for software failures, Google employees are obliged to constantly update products to protect themselves from vulnerabilities, but it is not always possible to foresee an error in work of this magnitude, Denis Kuskov continues. In his opinion, disruptions are unlikely to affect the abandonment of the company’s products, but may cause a negative reaction from advertisers.

A major failure at Google, for example, occurred in December 2020, recalls Renat Sayfutdinov, head of the CROC Cloud Services customer support group. Then the unavailability of the service was associated with an interruption in the operation of the authentication system.

The reason for the current failure lies, probably, in the software or its incorrect update. At the same time, the problem is solved quite simply by the users themselves, ”the expert emphasizes.

According to him, Google responds quickly to incidents. “Any failure in the work of such large providers is in full view of the users, and it is because of the massiveness that they get into the information field,” concluded Renat Sayfutdinov.

On June 8, a massive glitch hit the entire internet. Then the media sites and Internet sites and services, in particular the Financial Times, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, CNN, WSJ, as well as Twitch, Reddit, Amazon, GitHub, Spotify and others, turned out to be inaccessible. The reason, as it turned out, was problems in the work of Fastly CDN provider, which optimizes the delivery of website content to end users.

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