Germany after the elections may revise the agreement on “Nord Stream – 2”

The new German government may begin revising specific agreements with the Russian Federation on Nord Stream 2. Urs Unkauf, a representative of the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade of the Federal Republic of Germany, said this in an interview with Izvestia.

“Yes, if the Green Party comes to power, there will be difficulties with the supply of natural gas, there will be a revision of some agreements. But even if the Greens are not at the head of the coalition, the formation of a new government will be followed by a revision of Germany’s energy policy within the framework of the new green paradigm, ”the politician noted.

He admitted that the SP-2 gas pipeline has already been built, and Germany can already buy gas from Russia.

“But if the Greens come to power, at least the FRG will become more difficult to negotiate with Moscow in the energy sector, since the Greens party does not have sufficient competence in Russia. “Green” politicians have not established ties with the Russian Federation in recent years, and this may also affect the course of the new government if they come to power, ”explained Urs Unkauf.

He also expressed the hope that the launch of Russian gas not only to Germany, but also to other European countries will create new ties to “ensure the stability of our relationship.”

Read more in an exclusive interview with Izvestia:

“Launching Russian gas will create links to ensure our relationship”

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