German Chancellor candidate Scholz: Ukraine should remain a transit country for Russian gas

Ukraine should retain its status as a transit country for Russian gas after the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, says Olaf Scholz, candidate for Chancellor of Germany from the Social Democratic Party of Germany. guarantees that are associated with its operation. The guarantees include the fact that Ukraine should remain a transit country (for Russian gas – Kommersant) “, – said Mr. Scholz at a press conference (quoted by TASS). Recall,” Gazprom “on September 6 announced the completion of pipe-laying” Nord Stream 2 ”, and four days later – on the completion of the gas pipeline. Parliamentary elections were held in Germany on September 26. According to preliminary data, the Social Democratic Party won with 25.7% of the vote. The Christian Democratic and Christian Social Unions received support from 24.1% of voters, 14.8% voted for the Greens, and 11.5% for the Free Democratic Party. Also in the Bundestag are “Alternative….

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