German Ambassador to Ukraine urged to think about the transit of hydrogen, not gas

The use of natural gas in Germany will drop sharply after 2032, so Ukraine should think about organizing hydrogen supplies, said German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldgusen. She expressed her opinion in the light of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia and the possible risks for Ukraine.

“Germany has decided to completely eliminate carbon sources of energy by 2045. I spoke with experts: we still need quite a lot of gas, perhaps until 2032, but then its use will greatly decrease, and we need to think what will happen later, ”said Ms. Feldguzen in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Mirror of the Week. In her opinion, the use and transit of gas is a “temporary phenomenon”.

When asked what Ukraine should do from January 1, 2025, after the end of the current contract with Gazprom, the ambassador noted that the contract provides for the possibility of an extension for five years. “I think we will all work on this,” she said about the readiness of the Russian side to prolong it.

The day before, Bloomberg sources reported that the German Foreign Ministry and the US State Department, as well as advisers to the leaders of the two countries, are discussing the possibility of helping Ukraine in the construction of new power plants and infrastructure development. Thus, it is planned to “reduce the geopolitical benefits for Moscow” from the completion of Nord Stream 2.

On the progress in the construction of the pipeline – in the material of “Kommersant” “The first string of Nord Stream 2 has finished winding.”

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