Gazprom refused to increase transit through Ukraine in October

Gazprom did not book the volume of additional capacities for gas transit through Ukraine for October, TASS reports, citing data from the Hungarian trading platform RBP. “Operator of the gas transmission system (GTS) of Ukraine” put up for auction transit capacities with a total volume of 15 million cubic meters. m per day, but they turned out to be unclaimed. At the October auction, transit capacities were divided into two routes instead of one. The Ukrainian GTS Operator offered transit capacities of up to 9.8 million cubic meters. m per day through the Sudzha gas metering station, as well as up to 5.2 million cubic meters. m – via the Sokhranovka station. In September, Gazprom booked about 4.3% of the capacities put up for auction (0.65 million cubic meters per day), in August the Russian company did not increase transit through Ukraine. Last week the head of Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko, announced his readiness to extend the contract for gas transit with Gazprom. He noted that the company will need guarantees to maintain transit through Ukraine. “Operator of GTS of Ukraine”….

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