Gazprom disappointed by court ruling on access to Opal facilities

Gazprom is disappointed with the court ruling on access to the Opal gas pipeline (an onshore branch from Nord Stream, which runs from northern Germany to the Czech Republic), Gazprom Export reported. Earlier today, July 15, the European Court of Justice upheld Poland’s position demanding a 50% limit on the capacity of the Opal gas pipeline.

“Although the companies of the Gazprom group were not a party to the process, we closely followed the course of the proceedings and were disappointed with the creation of artificial barriers to the effective use of investments in the gas transportation system of Europe,” reads a statement from Gazprom Export (quoted by Interfax).

The court rejected the German appeal, sided with Poland in the dispute over the use of Opal’s full capacity. Thus, the decision of the court of first instance from 2019 remains in force, according to which Gazprom’s access to the pipeline should be limited by half.

More details about the court’s decision – in the material of “Kommersant” “Gazprom” did not get into Opal “.

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