FTS filed for bankruptcy of Zhukovsky airport operator

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) filed a petition to the court to declare Ramport Aero, the operator of Zhukovsky airport, bankrupt. The company claims that the regulator’s statement is “technical in nature” and the airport is not in danger of bankruptcy.

The initiator was the interdistrict inspection of the Federal Tax Service for the Moscow region. According to SPARK-Interax, the application was filed with the Regional Arbitration Court on June 21.

The press service of Ramport Aero told Interfax that the FTS ‘statement is “technical in nature.” The reason for the statement, according to the company, was debts over the past year. It is planned to repay them within the next two weeks. The amount of the debt is not disclosed.

“We are talking about tax arrears following an extremely difficult year for the entire aviation industry in 2020 … The airport is not experiencing critical problems, operating indicators are gradually recovering, and payments on current obligations are being made without delay,” a company spokesman said.

In November 2020, the accounts of Zhukovsky airport were frozen due to tax arrears. Then the amount of debt “Ramport Aero” was estimated at 11.96 million rubles.

Ramport Aero JSC was established in 2014 by the structure of the Lithuanian holding Avia Solutions Group (ASG, 75%) and TVK Russia, which is part of Rostec (25%). ASG later withdrew from the capital. As of the end of 2019, 52.5% of the company belonged to United Airports Management LLC (a subsidiary of the Dutch structure of the same name), another 25% belonged to TVK Russia, 22.5% belonged to the advisor to the President of United Aircraft Corporation PJSC Boris Alyoshin (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ramport Aero).

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