Free gasification of land plots began in the Moscow region

In the Moscow region, gas began to be supplied free of charge to areas of houses that are located near intra-settlement gas pipelines. You only need to pay for the work on bringing gas to the receiving equipment. The social gasification program was approved in June by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We (in the Moscow region. – “B”) 96% of gasified settlements. Thanks to the president’s decision, 300 thousand people will receive gas within 18 months, – the words of its governor Andrei Vorobyov are quoted on the website of the government of the Moscow region. – The peculiarity of social gasification is that the house must be officially registered. We have provided a convenient comprehensive service for residents to prepare all the necessary documents. “

The owner of the Unified Gas Supply System, Gazprom, has been identified as the single operator of gasification. Where the company is not present, regional operators will be created. Gasification should last until 2023. According to the government, in total, the law will affect about 2 million households.

About the president’s proposal – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Gasification awaits implementation.”

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