Fitness asked the Moscow authorities to extend the vaccination period for 60% of employees by a month

The fitness industry asked the Moscow authorities to postpone the vaccination of 60% of staff with the first component – until August 15, the second – until September 15. This initiative is cited in the letters of the President of the National Fitness Community Elena Silina to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova and the chief sanitary doctor of the capital Elena Andreeva, TASS reports, citing documents.

According to the decree of the city authorities, 60% of workers in a number of industries, including fitness, must be vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine by July 15, and the second by August 15. According to Ms Silina, “about 45%” of employees have received the first component in fitness clubs. She explained that the clubs “for reasons beyond their control do not have time to organize” vaccinations on time.

As the head of the fitness community explained, the requirement of the Moscow authorities for compulsory vaccination “gave rise to a lot of questions”, and entrepreneurs “need additional explanations.” Among the questions that arose, she named:

  • how to vaccinate pregnant employees and those on maternity leave;
  • how to count the number of vaccinated by large chains of fitness clubs, whose facilities are located in different regions or in several points of Moscow;
  • how to comply with the requirement of vaccination for small organizations that “physically cannot fulfill the standard due to pregnancy or medical removal”.

Another problem Elena Silina called is that vaccination data are published on the portal of state services with a delay, two weeks later.

The National Fitness Society asks for a number of clarifications to be added to the existing government regulation. The industry also asks not to allow unreasonable fines and proposes to first issue orders for their elimination for unintentional violations.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the revenues of fitness clubs in Russia in June decreased by 40% compared to the pre-crisis 2019. Businesses have to deal with the loss of not only customers, but also personnel: some of the employees refuse to work because of the need to get vaccinated, and some – because of the loss of income. Under these conditions, another 15% of fitness clubs may terminate their activities in the country.

Details – in the material “b” “Pumped antibodies”.

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