Fighter Davudov spoke about his opponent before the fight at the Top Dog tournament

Kickboxer Naim Davudov, nicknamed Samurai, will fight freestyle wrestler Rustam Mukhitdinov (Asteroid) at the upcoming Top Dog (TDFC X) bare-fisted tournament. On September 24, the fighter shared his opinion about the opponent with REN TV and told how his nickname appeared.

“I don’t know why everyone thinks that if I challenged him, I’ll win. If I challenged, it means that I saw serious opposition, a spectacular contender with whom we can roll the show. Would you rather take some cyclist to play catch-up? ” – said Davudov.

According to him, he knew that Mukhitdinov wanted to go down to the lower weight category, so he helped him with this by submitting his candidacy.

The fighter also talked about the origin of his nickname – Samurai.

“First of all, the code of honor. For us guys from the Caucasus, honor comes first. Just like the samurai, ”he explained.

In addition, Davudov pointed out another similarity with the samurai, recalling his best debut in the tournament, when he showed that he had “not fists, but katanas”.

Davudov made his debut with a TKO victory in the third round at TDFC 7, where he competed against Shamil Bashirov (0-1). At the next tournament, Davudov knocked out Anton “Kharon” (0-2) one and a half minutes after the start of the fight.

Meanwhile, Rustam Mukhitdinov is one of the few ex-free wrestlers who came out to fight with his bare fists. At TDFC 8, he switched off Anton “Charon” Shchipachev in exchange.

Earlier, on September 23, Russian MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik, known as Red Tarzan, spoke about the expectations from the fight with the Englishman Randy Randine. According to him, his opponent is going well on the attack, and he himself has already drawn up a plan for the battle.

The REN TV channel will broadcast live the main battles of the TDFC X fighting tournament on September 24, and the fights can also be watched on the REN TV website.

Vitaly Kovalenko and Vladimir Tuinov, known as Orlovsky Brilliant, Alexey Golub and Pavel Shulsky, Randy Randyne and Vyacheslav Datsik will also enter the ring in the event fights.

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