Family of Ukrainian singer Bogdan Mukha dies from poisoning

The family of the singer from Ukraine, participant of the TV show “Voice of the Country” Bogdan Mukha, died of poisoning in the city of Korosten near Zhitomir. The artist spoke about this on Thursday, September 23.

The singer lost his mother, grandmother and aunt at once.

“I know that my grandmother, mother and aunt ate mushrooms, they felt bad,” explained Mukha on the air of the TSN TV channel.

According to the Vesti Ukraina portal, the artist’s mother felt bad at work. She asked not to call an ambulance, hoped that she would get better, but later she died.

Relatives who learned about the tragedy went to her home, but no one opened them. When the rescuers got inside, they found the bodies of Bogdan Mucha’s aunt and grandmother there.

When inspecting the premises, law enforcement officers found dishes with mushrooms and alcohol. There is an assumption that the family was poisoned by the pale toadstool, but poisoning with low-quality alcohol is not excluded. The remains of mushrooms and alcohol were sent for examination.

The neighbors of the victims say that the women themselves did not pick mushrooms – they were treated to a certain friend who was not seen after the incident.

A criminal case was initiated under the article “Intentional Murder”.

On Monday, September 21, in the northeast of Moscow, the bodies of two men and a woman in an unconscious state were found near a store on Pskovskaya Street – they were poisoned by alcohol substitutes. As a result, men 50 and 62 years old died, a 67-year-old woman was hospitalized.

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